Dyno Pricing

Anderson Ford Motorsport Dyno Tuning

Dyno Pulls With NO Tuning

$115.00 to install & run car for 2 Dyno pulls
with Wideband air/fuel.

Dyno Tuning Pre-2005 Models
(Using Tunerstudio or Holley Software)

$300 to install & run car for 1 hour (Naturally Aspriated)

$500 to intall & run car for 1 hour (Forced Induction)

$125.00 for Each Additional hour.

Dyno Tuning 2005-Current Models

Currently 05-Current Ford Models at this time (Using SCT or HP Tuners Software)

$550 to install and tune vehicle naturally aspirated (not including tuning device)
$950 to intall and tune vehicle forced induction (not including tuning device)

Tuning will include review of datalogs to confirm vehicle status and revisions if necessary.

*If the vehicle is heavily modified you will need to call AFM to review in detail. Some vehicles may not be able to be tuned.  


*Dyno ONLY operated by AFM Tech. A dealership employee will
be in the Dyno with you at all times.

* Must be scheduled in advance.

 * Photos and video are allowed while cars are on the dyno. Some of the Anderson Ford, chassis dyno tuning pulls are published on our websites / social media pages. Please notify us if you DO NOT wish to have your car shown. Also, if you would like us to create a video of your dyno pull, please make arrangements in advance, so we can schedule appropriately.