Getting Your Vehicle Dyno Tuned

Here’s How To Get Your Car Dyno Tuned!

From AFM management effective 5/1/2020:

Due to the limited staff and limitations from COVID-19 we can only do vehicle dyno’s by appointment only. For more extensive tuning depending on the vehicle and modifications, vehicles would possibly need to be dropped off and picked up when completed. We will only run vehicles that are RWD or have the ability to disable 4WD on trucks/suv’s. Please contact us and allow between 1-2 weeks to schedule dyno appointments (could be longer during spring & summer time) and please be prepared to drop off vehicle if extensive tuning is needed.

Thank you for your continued support – AFM

STEP 1. Call Ryan today at 888-213-9106. We will help set up a time with you for your Dyno Tuning session. We may get some preliminary information from you about your engine configuration to help us make sure your vehicle has the correct equipment to make the horsepower you are looking for. No matter if it’s supercharged, Nitrous injected or naturally aspirated.

STEP 2. Bring your vehicle to our Dyno location here in Clinton, IL at your scheduled time. We will again review with you what your goals are & then we’ll install the vehicle on our AFM DynoJet Chassis Dyno.

STEP 3. Our tuners will then use ‘state of the art’ engine test equipment and automotive tuning software to thoroughly test & tune your vehicle for optimum and safe performance.

STEP 4. When our tuners are finished dyno tuning your vehicle, we will show you your vehicle’s peak power & torque and recommend your best shift point. We will also provide you with a Dyno graph printout from the best dyno pull with the vehicle’s tune and specifications. We use SAE corrected horsepower and torque numbers on our Dynojet.

So, we ask you….before you take your ‘Pride and Joy’ to just any dyno shop….to check out our experience first! We feel you will find that our years of knowledge on tuning ALL types of vehicles will be hard to surpass.


Emissions Statement:

We DO NOT disable the O2 sensors or delete the CEL for catalytic converter modifications or EGR deletes. The Clean Air Act and other emissions regulations restrict tuning companies from disabling emission control systems in any vehicle with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). These CEL’s will not have any effects on the performance of the vehicle, but can prevent you from passing emissions testing regardless of what is done in the file. Performance tuning may or may not allow the vehicle to pass emissions testing.