Dyno Pricing

Anderson Ford Motorsport Dyno Tuning

Effective 1/1/24 – we are not accepting any new appointments or scheduling at this time.

*Prices do NOT include any applicable sales tax

Dyno Pulls With NO Tuning

$160.00 to install & run car for 2 Dyno pulls
with Wideband air/fuel.

$250 to install & run car for 3 pulls with Wideband air/fuel and datalogging

Dyno Tuning Pre-2005 Models
(Using Tunerstudio or Holley Software)

$500 to install & run car for 1 hour (Naturally Aspriated)

$800 to intall & run car for 1 hour (Forced Induction)

$160.00 for Each Additional hour.

Dyno Tuning 96-04 Models

(Using SCT Software)

$550 to install and tune vehicle naturally aspirated (not including tuning device)

$950 to install and tune vehicle forced induction (not including tuning device)

$160 per hour after first hour if necessary

Dyno Tuning 2005-Current Models

Currently 05-Current Ford Models at this time (Using SCT or HP Tuners Software)

$550 to install and tune vehicle naturally aspirated (not including tuning device)
$950 to intall and tune vehicle forced induction (not including tuning device)

Tuning will include review of datalogs to confirm vehicle status and revisions if necessary.

*If the vehicle is heavily modified you will need to call AFM to review in detail. Some vehicles may not be able to be tuned.  

(For 96-10 Mustang a wideband will be required if using forced induction, no exceptions)

Pricing is for vehicle installation onto our Dyno and tuning labor ONLY! If any additional work is required for vehicle to function on our dyno you will be charged the hourly shop rate.

There are no refunds on tuning labor, no exceptions!!!!!!!

*Dyno ONLY operated by AFM Tech. A dealership employee will
be at the Dyno with you at all times.

* Must be scheduled in advance.

 * Photos and video are allowed while cars are on the dyno. Some of the Anderson Ford, chassis dyno tuning pulls are published on our websites / social media pages. Please notify us if you DO NOT wish to have your car shown. Also, if you would like us to create a video of your dyno pull, please make arrangements in advance, so we can schedule appropriately. Customers are not allowed in the dyno at any point when the dyno is being operated. Customers (if present) must remain outside the roped off area (due to liability and insurance purposes) when in use.

Emissions Statement:

We DO NOT disable the O2 sensors or delete the CEL for catalytic converter modifications or EGR deletes. The Clean Air Act and other emissions regulations restrict tuning companies from disabling emission control systems in any vehicle with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). These CEL’s will not have any effects on the performance of the vehicle, but can prevent you from passing emissions testing regardless of what is done in the file. Performance tuning may or may not allow the vehicle to pass emissions testing. AFM is not liable for any changes required to pass emissions in your vehicle.