Frequesntly Asked Questions: (Updated 2023)

Effective 1/1/24, we are not taking any new appointments or scheduling at this time.

Q: I bought a performance vehicle and do not know the history of modifications. Can you tune this vehicle?

A: Effective 01/01/2022 AFM will no longer be accepting vehicles for tuning if a dyno tuning checklist/check-in cannot be completed accurately. A check list and step by step tuning request process will be email to you. For complete details please give us a call to review.

Q: Can you tune with E-85 or Race fuel?

A: Yes, we can tune with premium (91 or 93 octane), E-85 or VP racing fuel. Customer must supply fuel unless otherwise agreed upon between the customer and AFM management. We no longer tune with low grade or 87 octane fuel. We do NOT tune Deisel power vehicles.

Q: Can you dyno tune FWD or AWD vehicles?

A: Effective 01/01/2021 AFM will no longer be accepting FWD or AWD vehicles to run on our dyno.

Q: If I make an appointment will my car be completed the same day?

A: Dyno pulls with no tuning are completed same day (scheduled appointment only). If scheduling a dyno tuning appointment the vehicle will have to be dropped off. No exceptions.

Q: Do you tune other vehicles besides Ford?

A: Effective 02/22/2021 we are currently only accepting Ford Vehicles (Mustang and F-150) at this time for tuning.

Q: My vehicle has a tune in it already, can you use that existing tune?

A: No, we only tune/update tunes that were completed/installed at Anderson Ford Motorsport. If your vehicle has a tune in it already from another provider we can still dyno pull your vehicle but would have to start fresh if customer wanted to be re-tuned.

Q: What tuning devices will AFM work with?

A: We handle most SCT, HP Tuners and Holley software systems, however each vehicle may require a specific device to allow tuning to be done. Please contact us to review your options for your vehicle.


Q: Do you still tune Fox Body Mustangs and older vehicles?

A: Effective 05-01-2021, for Fox Body or other sbf vehicles we are only tuning using Holley EFI equipment (Terminator X, X Max, HP, Sniper and Dominator) We are not tuning carb vehicles at this time.

Q: Can I be present when my vehicle is being dyno tuned?

A: We are NOT allowing spectators to present when tuning a vehicle as this may be a multi-day process. For viewing and seeing runs AFM does record and load to YouTube (unless customer requests not to load) the dyno pulls.

Q: Can I be present when my vehicle is getting baseline dyno pulls?

A: Yes, there will be a roped off area outside of the dyno facility for the vehicle owner to spectate baseline pull appointments only. Customers are not allowed inside the dyno facility due to legal and insurance purposes.

Q: Do you tune Diesel powered vehicles?

A: No, we do not tune nor do we run Diesel powered trucks or cars on the dyno.